Here it is, the FULL FEATURE LENGTH MOVIE of Beowulf 1999, the Science fiction version of the epic Anglo Saxon poem Beowulf starring Highlander and Mortal Kombat star Christopher Lambert. This is technically a bad movie, but a movie so bad it's good! 

I really enjoy watching this movie. It's mindless and fun as hell! And Chris Lambert is just bad ass as usual! Despite withdrawing from the source material greatly, this is one hell of a dumb-but-fun movie to watch.

QUICK FACT: You may be wondering why this reminds of Mortal Kombat. The opening titles, the soundtrack, and the fight scenes.
Why this version of Beowulf seems more edged like a Mortal Kombat movie rather than a Beowulf movie. Well here's the fact. Beowulf 1999 was produced by the same men who produced the first Mortal Kombat film. Mortal Kombat was a financial success and was very popular with kids.

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